Dragonsteel 2023 Extravaganza + WoB

Episode 138 · December 5th, 2023 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

Brooke and Tyler travel to Utah and meet amazing Cosmere fans, interview several people, learn all the secrets of SA5, and master the art of waiting in line. First half is a summary of the convention itself. Second half is a spoiler-filled Words of Brandon and Stormlight Archive Interlude discussion. #AllSpoilers

Special shoutouts to Janci Patterson, Miranda Meeks, Jofwu, thatCosmereChick, Jonas the Trivia Champion, all the amazing cosplayers, our Patrons Brian and Tarmack, and the entirety of the Dragonsteel Team from Queen Emily to the humble volunteers. Double secret shoutout to you, the listener, who is now reading this text.

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Original music by David Gruwier. "Radiant" by David Gruwier.